The Science of Transcendence

This past spring, Dennis Slotnick presented “Invitation to Immensity” in which he explored the science of perception of animals and discussed how our world view is based on our limited senses. In this talk, Dennis sheds the mystery about Transcending and brings forth the modern scientific approach with astonishing relevance to our daily lives. He begins with references to Unitarian Universalists who document their transcendental experiences and commentary on transcendentalism. Historically, these experiences were considered mystical, spiritual and transitory. Now with scientific documentation of the fourth state of consciousness: transcendental consciousness as measured in human physiology, revealing a real, attainable state of Being. Methods of transcending are offered as we address the value of transcendence, recognize when we transcend, and explain why we are left with such a peaceful, whole feeling when walking along a shoreline, sitting to rest in a forest, kayaking on smooth still water, gazing at the stars or being spellbound by the beauty of a flower.