Unitarian Universalist (UU) congregations depend on committees of members who support the function of the church. All our committees are run with the 5th principle in mind: the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large. Volunteering with a committee helps build community for yourself and the congregation.

Sunday Service

In UU circles, this is often referred to as the Worship Committee. The Sunday Service Committee coordinates all aspects of service, including speakers, musicians, ushers, A/V work & live streaming, and hospitality for Coffee Hour. The main goal of this committee is to ensure our members have space to practice our 4th principle for a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. If you want to contribute your time to the church, but only have time on Sundays, or you want to have input on the messages you hear, this is a great spot for you!

The Sunday Service Committee also includes our amazing Choir!

Religious Education

The Religious Education committee supports our RE Coordinator and classroom staff with volunteer support teachers, curriculum, resources, and coordinating multi-generational events, whether during Sunday service or with our Social Justice initiatives. Many members donate time to teach or support the kids classes’ on Sunday mornings. If you want to impart our values on the next generation, see our RE chair on how you can help!

Celebrating the Chinese New Year
Celebrating the Chinese New Year


Membership volunteers support the heart of our community – the people! This includes annual social events, Sunday pot lucks, pastoral care, adult faith development activities, and a sense of belonging belong to this committee. Chalice Circles (bi-weekly discussion groups), our “UU and U” classes (intro to UUism & new member info), birthday celebrations, among other events are coordinated by our Membership team. If you enjoy connecting with others and building relationships, this is a committee for you!

Building and Grounds

With a historical building and beautiful grounds, many hands are needed to maintain and beautify our facilities. The B&G team coordinates many projects and encompasses our Memorial Garden and Aesthetics teams to ensure our meeting house and grounds are appreciated for years to come. If you like to get your hands dirty, are good with tools, or have an eye for beautiful spaces, join B&G!

Social Justice

Social Justice work is our principles in action. As one of our largest committees, the SJC works hard to provide compelling guest speaker topics on issues in line with our faith and coordinates projects, outside volunteer opportunities, and collects donations to ensure we live out the 2nd principle for justice, equity, and compassion in human relations. If this sounds like you, watch for the next SJC project and join in!


Our Fundraising committee coordinates our annual Service Auction, annual stewardship campaign, and other fundraising efforts like Raise Right to support the operation of the church. Service Auctions are a long standing tradition in UU churches and ours provides our members with many opportunities to build relationships within the congregation through privately hosted events, parties, classes, and goods donated by our members. If you want to make your pledge go farther, talk to a member of our Fundraising committee!

Members enjoying our Annual Service Auction
Members enjoying our Annual Service Auction


The Communications team (formerly Publicity) is responsible for the technology of the church, social media accounts, advertising, and many internal communications of the congregation. If you are social media savvy and want to spread the word about our UU faith, let the Communications team know!

Finance & Administration

The Finance committee and the Administration committee are a part of the Executive Board and handle budgets, expenses, staffing, contracts, and the business of the church. If you have a sharp business background and are able to support the church with data entry, decision making, and coordination with other committees & staff, see a member of the Board on how you can help!

Current Committee Chairs:

  • Sunday Service – Jessy Sanchez
  • Religious Education – Katie Coker
  • Membership – Tom Bjorklund and Hope Sorenson
  • Building & Grounds – Jim Tedesco
  • Social Justice – Marie Lowry
  • Fundraising – Karen Duguay

Executive Board:

  • Board President – Elizabeth Knight
  • VP of Finance – Barb Eglinton
    • oversees Finance Committee
  • VP of Administration – Linda Brown
    • oversees Personnel Committee
  • Program Council Moderator – Mark Petrie
    • coordinates with all standing committee chairs
  • Corporate Secretary – James Sanchez
    • oversees Communications Committee