Big, challenging questions!

Rev. Karen Madrone

August 10, 2023

Last Sunday, August 6 we had a multigenerational service that introduced the proposed Article II changes. The focus was about the newly stated (they’ve always been with us!) values with love being at the center, or foundation, of each of them.

Before we got to that part of the service, however, UUCF’s RE Coordinator, Corrie Cortez, and I read through a Wisdom Story that gave some background and used a few props like a plant, clock, and a ballot. The plant demonstrated that we are a living tradition that needs caring and tending. The clock reminds us that there is a timeline for discussion about Article II and the ballot reminded us that we all get an opportunity to vote on these changes, through our delegates who attend (virtually) the 2024 General Assembly.

When we introduced the plant, Corrie showed a post-it on the bottom that had these three important questions:

Why do we exist? What do we value? and Where do we come from?

Big, challenging questions, right? These are the kinds of questions that adults spend entire lifetimes pondering.

But, that didn’t stop one of our children from answering! Jude Petrie decided to let us all know the importance of taking care of trees because they provide us oxygen. Jude then went on to talk about how plants provide us tomatoes and potatoes. It was quite an unexpected and joyful moment! We all wanted to learn what Jude had to share with us, afterall, Jude might just know the answers.

The first sentence in the UUCF mission statement is “Seek Answers Everywhere” and the second one is “Include Everyone.” This means that we acknowledge that answers might just come from an eight year old child, if we have but ears to hear.

The joy we all shared together last Sunday was palpable! We experimented, interacted, and created. We were willing to create a plan and be flexible.

Over the course of the next year together we are going to continue exploring these important questions. Each of us will bring new insights and possibilities. Let us keep our hearts wide open for the wisdom that is among us, waiting to be explored.