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Universalist Unitarian Church of Farmington
25301 Halsted Road
(West side of Halsted, 1/2 mile north of Grand River)
Farmington Hills, MI 48335
phone: 248.478.7272 

Sunday Services: Each Sunday 10:30am

The heart of our church life is our Sunday morning services when we gather in our historic Meeting House to be together as a church family. It is impossible to describe a typical Sunday Service, the uniqueness of our tradition allows for an infinite variety of programming. “Worship” includes all the times that we gather together to explore and celebrate what we value most deeply. Sunday morning services are filled with music, stories, and thoughtful readings and reflections. Our sanctuary provides a sacred space where we can reconnect with ourselves and each other, challenge ourselves to think deeply about life’s big questions, accompany each other in joy and sorrow, and encourage each other’s spiritual growth, no matter what our age or life circumstances.

What to Wear

Our church does not have a “dress code.” On any given Sunday you might see styles of dress ranging from “comfortable and casual” to a bit more “Sunday best.”

Children are Welcome

Multi-Generational Worship
Recognizing the need for children to worship within our larger community, these services occur at holidays and other special times during the year. Our young people attend these services in our Meeting House and sit with their families.

Message for All Ages
As part of our community, children attend the beginning of the regular worship the first Sunday of each month. By bringing the whole congregation together for the chalice lighting, hymn, joys and concerns, and a special “Message For All Ages”, our young people feel a part of the larger congregation. Their participation in the chalice lighting and other U.U. rituals also helps to strengthen their identity as Unitarian Universalists.

A Typical Worship Service

Although our services vary greatly from week to week, the general format is usually similar. The service opens with a welcome, announcements, and a formal beginning of the service indicated by the ritual of the lighting of our chalice and a recitation of our Affirmation. Early in the service the children gather for a story after which they leave to attend their Religious Education classes. Parents often accompany small children to their classes, especially for the first couple of times.

The service continues with hymns, readings, and a sermon or reflection. Services usually last about an hour and 15 minutes.

Coffee Hour

After our Sunday services everyone is welcome at our coffee hour in Adams Hall which our reception hall directly below the meeting house. Children’s Religious Education classes end shortly after the service ends – children through 5th grade should be picked up and signed out from their classroom. A Visitors’ Table, set up near the entrance to Adams Hall, is staffed by friendly people and stocked with pamphlets that offer more information about Unitarian Universalism and our congregation.