Meditation / Sharing Circle  (6 weeks, 7/14 to 8/18)
7:00 – 8:00pm in Marge Brown Room – contact Gill Lee

Using guided meditations, we will explore, over 6 weeks, how to become aware of the seven main chakras within our own energy networks. The bodies energy channels have been likened to rivers, who’s flow may become blocked, drained and empty, or full and nourishing. Where many ‘rivers run together’ confluence occurs, and these are the sites of the chakras. Many believe that focusing on the chakras is thought to vitalize the physical body and to be associated with interactions of a physical, emotional and mental nature. Interestingly, every religion offers an ‘exoteric and an esoteric’ aspect. The exoteric can be considered the dogma and creed that show the outer form of religious practice. Correspondingly, the Esoteric face offers the spiritual experience. The esoteric teachings, including working with the healing energies of the chakras, are remarkably universal. Chakras are contemplated with humility and respect, as they represent the ‘confluence of rivers’ within our total being, and thus points into our spiritual awakening.

Meet Rev. Leonetta Bugleisi, UU Farmington’s New Consulting Minister…

Leonetta Bugleisi

UU Farmington is pleased to announce that Rev. Leonetta Bugleisi has been selected to be the Consulting Minister at UUCF. The Reverend Leonetta Bugleisi has been an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister for 24 years.  Her interests in the history and use of the Labyrinth; the philosophy of Buddhism and poetry/journaling as spiritual practice  have been nurtured within Unitarian Universalism since 1976 when she first joined Grosse Pointe Unitarian. The Rev. Leonetta has served congregations UU  in Mankato, MN; St. Louis, MO; Chicago, Il; and Rochester Hills, MI.  She enjoys reviewing the research and continuing conversation of where churches are headed in these post-modern and beyond times.  Rev. Leonetta will be in the uuFarmington pulpit the 2nd and 3rd Sundays of each month. Please come join us in welcoming Rev. Leonetta to uuFarmington Church.

Our Current Church Members Include Believers, Agnostics, LGBTI, Athiests, Humanists …


The Universalist Unitarian Church of Farmington is a 160-year-old church that draws wisdom from a variety of the worlds religions and philosophies.

We welcome atheists, agnostics, and believers of all religions. We also welcome inter-faith couples and members of the LGBT community.

Both women and men participate fully in the life and leadership of the UU Farmington church without restriction. These characteristics make Unitarian Universalism different from other religions.

Click here for more information about UUCF and Unitarian Universalism.

uuFarmington-weddingLooking for a Historic Wedding Venue or Wedding Chapel and Reception Hall in Farmington Hills Michigan?

Our wedding chapel is an 1853 registered historic meeting house that is situated on seven acres of woods and gardens in Oakland County Michigan. A reception hall is available directly below the wedding chapel. Our wedding chapel and reception hall are conveniently located near hotels and major expressways.  Click here for more information about our Historic Wedding Chapel and reception hall.

Children’s Sunday School
With a Curriculum for Liberal Religion

At uuFarmington, we have a Sunday School that embraces many different beliefs.  We follow a curriculum for liberal religion which draws wisdom from all the world’s religions and philosophies. Click here to learn more about our children’s Sunday School program.